Himalayan Salt

Welcome to our Himalayan Salt Collection!

We invite you to enjoy the purest salt products on the globe by Rock Drill Engineers. From the Punjab region of Pakistan, Rock Drill Engineer's Himalayan salt is hand-crafted to create a wide variety of products promoting the best of health and well-being. Our salt is 100% natural and can be used in a number of exciting ways. At The Rock Drill Engineers, we provide the best Himalayan salt products on the market. Use our salt products to decorate your home or office, In the kitchen, or as bath scrubs and soaks. We ensure you'll enjoy a number of soothing physical and mental effects

Edible Salt

Himalayan Edible Salt, the purest form of natural salt, excavated from Khewra Salt mine in Himalayan Mountain range of Pakistan. Being naturally excavated it is the most reliable salt to use in cooking and eatable products.

It is rich in minerals and has several healing characteristics. Not only it is used for adding taste to the food, but it is also very helpful in maintaining good health. The PINK color of the salt is due to presence of minerals like iron and potassium and not because of any impurities.

On demand we can produce from powder to any granule size packed in customized packing with private label/brand.

Salt Artifact

We manufacture Himalayan salt artifacts in different hand crafted geometrical and other shapes like crystal lamps, candle stands, rock salt cooking slabs in different customized sizes.